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Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE), Bangladesh.

BAETE provides accreditation to a Program that is offered by an institution of higher learning approved by an appropriate authority, viz., the UGC or any other appropriate government body. The program shall be of a duration of four years, after twelve years of schooling. The program shall include sound foundations in science and mathematics leading to the professional practice of engineering. The program applying for accreditation shall do so from its own obligation. Accreditation is granted only to programs and not to the institution as a whole. The same program offered at different campuses of an institution must be accredited separately at each campus. This website provides comprehensive information about the accreditation criteria, policies and the process followed by BAETE. It also maintains a list of programs that obtained BAETE accreditation and also a list of programs that BAETE is considering for accreditation.

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