Accreditation Policy

Accreditation Decisions

The Board will make an accreditation decision about a program based on the recommendations of the Evaluation Team and the relevant Sectoral Committee. The quality evaluation of a program is based on a holistic judgment in relation to the stipulated accreditation criteria regarding compliance, concerns, weaknesses and deficiencies.

The maximum accreditation period shall be six years if there is no deficiency and no weakness in any of the criteria. The Board may accredit a program for a shorter period if the program’s overall assessment is acceptable and it does not have weaknesses in more than three criteria. A program may not be accredited if any deficiency in any criterion is identified. If a program is not granted accreditation, the institution may reapply one year later after addressing the deficiencies and weaknesses. Normally, a program’s accreditation commences from the date its application is submitted to the BAETE. However, a new program applying within twelve months of the graduation of its first cohort may be granted retrospective accreditation starting one calendar year before the application date to include the first graduated cohort.