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Dispute Resolution

An institution may appeal the accreditation decision in writing within two (2) weeks of receiving the decision and paying a prescribed fee. An appeal may include a request for re-consideration or a revisit. The appeal should be accompanied by a report to substantiate the request. The appeal will be submitted to the Appellate Committee for deliberation.

The Appellate Committee may invite the institution filing the petition and the members of the Evaluation Team to present their positions. Appellate Committee itself will determine its methods of operation, giving due consideration to the substance of the appeal petition. The Appellate Committee may ask the BAETE to consider the appeal based on the SAR submitted by the institution. BAETE should respond to its recommendations within four (4) weeks.

The Appellate Committee will make the final decision within twelve (12) weeks after receiving the appeal petition. If the petition is denied, the Appellate Committee will provide the institution with reasons for the denial.