Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB)

The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) was founded as the Institute of Engineers, Pakistan, which was registered on May 7, 1948, by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, East Bengal. It was recognized as the representative body of qualified engineers when its constitution was ratified by the government of what was then Pakistan in September 1952. After Bangladesh emerged as an independent country in 1971, the society’s name was changed from the Institute of Engineers, Pakistan to the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh. The new organization was registered by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies, Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, in July 1972.

To become a member of IEB and provide professional services in Bangladesh, an individual must hold an engineering degree recognized by IEB. Additionally, IEB oversees the growth and quality of engineering education in Bangladesh. To this end, the IEB constitution encompasses the accreditation of programs within the country that award engineering degrees

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