Prof. Dr. Engr. Anisul Haque


Dr. Anisul Haque has been a professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at East West University since 2006. He has also served as the Chairperson of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. Before joining East West University, he taught at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, BUET, for 18 years. He has been a visiting faculty member at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, as well as the University of Connecticut and Clarkson University in the United States. Dr. Haque’s research interests include the physics, modeling, simulation and characterization of nanoelectronic devices and photovoltaic devices and systems. He is also interested in engineering education. Dr. Haque was a recipient of the Bangladesh University Grants Commission Award in 2006 and the gold medal from the Bangladesh Academy of Science in 2010. Dr. Haque was an editor of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices from 2010 until 2019. He currently serves as an associate editor of IEEE Access, and he has served as an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer since 2009. In addition, he serves on the Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) and as a Board Member of the Institute of Engineers (IEB), Bangladesh. Dr. Haque has conducted many training and workshop sessions on outcome-based education for academic program leaders and BAETE program evaluators.