IES & BEM Joint Mentor’s Visit, 2018

127 April 2018 – 04 May 2018

Er. Prof. Dr. Kai Sang Lock, Washington Accord (WA) Mentor to BAETE & BPERB from IES and Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Wan Hamidon Wan Badaruzzaman, Washington Accord (WA) mentor to BAETE from BEM, have visited BAETE, IEB, Bangladesh during 27 April 2018 – 04 May 2018.

Prof. Lock and Prof. Badaruzzaman have attended the meeting with the BAETE Chairman & Vice Chairman and Member Secretary. The Mentors have also attended the meeting with the Coordination Committee of BAETE to review the Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) submitted by the Public and Private Universities of Bangladesh for Outcomes-based Accreditation (OBA).The IES and BEM mentors have conducted an Experience Sharing Session with Program Evaluators of BAETE. Members of the Board, Sectoral Committee, Taskforce, Coordination Committee also attended in the Experience Sharing Session. In addition, Prof. Dr. Anisul Haque and Prof. Dr. Salekul Islam have also attended the sharing session as Resource Persons of BAETE.

Prof. Lock has also joined the meeting with Hon’ble President, Honorary General Secretary and other Executive Office Bearers of IEB; Chairman & Vice-Chairman of BPERB and Registrar of BAETE & BPERB.