International Symposium - 2019

13-14 March, 2019

An "International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Engineering Education through Accreditation" was organized by the BAETE and IEB during 13-14 March 2019 at Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden in Dhaka, Bangladesh to further strengthen the activities of the BAETE and familiarize the status of engineering education and practice in Bangladesh. The event also had an optional day on 15 March 2019, during which interested foreign delegates were invited to visit some of the megaprojects that the Government of Bangladesh is now implementing. More than 300 participants attended the symposium, including 176 from academia, 105 from industry and 24 from the national policy makers. This included the vice chancellors, deans, program directors and senior faculty members from educational institutions of higher learning offering engineering programs in Bangladesh as well as program evaluators and members of different BAETE committees. Hon'ble Minister for Science and Technology graced the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium. Honb'le Minister for Education presented her speech at the Special Plenary Session. Honb'le Minister for Industry made his concluding remarks at the Concluding Ceremony. Presence of the three full ministers of the cabinet of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in the symposium was significant to renew and refresh the recognition of BAETE of IEB once again from the government in establishing an internationally benchmarked accreditation system for engineering education in Bangladesh, the jurisdiction of BAETE, IEB. In addition to the four keynote/invited speakers from Bangladesh, the important presence and significant deliberations of 11 foreign delegates from Australia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Nepal in the symposium as keynote and invited speakers were major attractions and motivations for the distinguished participants of Bangladesh. Participants from different programs at 51 higher learning institutions attended the symposium, including from 8 public, 42 private and 1 international institution. They had the opportunity to interact with the eminent personalities from the signatories of the WA and vice versa.

The list of delegates from outside Bangladesh is as follows:

(1) Em. Professor Elizabeth Taylor, IEA, Australia

(2) Prof. Yasunao Matsumoto, JABEE, Japan

(3) Prof. Ir. Dr. Hassan bin Basri, BEM, Malaysia

(4) Prof. W.H.W. Badaruzzaman, BEM, Malaysia

(5) Prof Ir. Dr. Hjh Siti Hawa Hamzah, BEM, Malaysia

(6) Er. Prof. Dr. Lock Kai Sang, IES, Singapore

(7) Ir. Peter Y Wong, HKIE, Hong Kong

(8) Prof. Dr. Shuqian Xia, CEEAA, China

(9) Prof. Peihua Gu, CEEAA, China

(10)Mehmet Yavuz Ercil, MUDEK, Turkey

(11)Dr. Arna Raj Silwal, NEC, Nepal

Vice chancellors, program leaders and senior faculty members from IHL offering engineering programs in Bangladesh and BAETE program evaluators and members of different BAETE committees were present.