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Tasks for the Evaluation Team

   After members of the evaluation team have been appointed, the BAETE will notify the educational institution and the Sectoral Committee of the evaluation team’s composition. The Sectoral Committee will notify the evaluation team whether any member of the committee will accompany the team during the on-site visit as a moderator. The BAETE will advise the educational institution to contact the Evaluation Team’s Chairperson through the BAETE Registrar to make arrangements for the on-site visit and to provide the name and contact number of a person for further information and clarification, if necessary.

   Members of the Evaluation Team should note that all correspondence between the educational institution and the BAETE, all reports made during the evaluation process and information regarding whether a program from an educational institution is being considered for accreditation are to be classified as confidential and should not be released to any unauthorized persons except with written permission from both the educational institution and the BAETE.

   To maintain impartiality and transparency in the accreditation process, no member of the Evaluation Team should participate in any activity that might involve a conflict of interest.

   The Evaluation Team members will conduct a comprehensive review of the documentation provided on the SAR. If additional information or clarifications of the information furnished by the educational institution are required, members will channel their requests through the Evaluation Team Chairperson, who will liaise with the contact person of the educational institution through the BAETE Registrar to obtain the information needed.

   The Evaluation Team should meet before the on-site visit to discuss its preliminary findings from the documentation.

   The on-site visit will usually be conducted over a period of three days for each program. A sample of on-site activities is provided in Annex II as a guide to the assessment to be conducted during the on-site visit.

   An exit meeting should be conducted at the end of the on-site visit program, at which the Evaluation Team will present its preliminary findings orally to the educational institution.

   In the event that an educational institution requires follow-up activities (for example, the educational institution may be required to present additional information that needs to be assessed), the evaluation team may appoint one of its members to conduct another visit to review the work.

   The draft report of the evaluation team is expected to be prepared and forwarded to the respective Sectoral Committee within 3 weeks after the on-site visit.