Accreditation Procedure

Formation of the Evaluation Team

An Evaluation Team consisting of a Chairperson and two members will be formed by a sub-committee of the Board within three (3) weeks of receiving a completed application package for accreditation. The Chairperson will be a senior academic or a practicing professional in a relevant engineering discipline with adequate experience in the accreditation process. At least one of the members will be from the industry. The Chairperson and team members shall be selected from a pool of qualified evaluators.

Upon notification of the formation of the Evaluation Team, the institution may express reservations in writing about any member who may have a conflict of interest, as per Section 2.9, within one (1) week. The specific reason must be cited. The Evaluation Team members are required to declare possible conflicts of interest with the program and the institution, if any, and to abide by the code of confidentiality and professional conduct.