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Ensuring quality in Engineering Education is essential for efficiency and sustainability in national development. The Board of Accreditation for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh has been striving to achieve this through accreditation of engineering undergraduate degrees. It has already received Provisional Membership of "Washington Accord", the global body of national engineering accreditation bodies. Signatories of the Washington Accord of International Engineering Alliance establish and enforce internationally bench-marked standards for engineering education to offer expected competence for engineering practice. BAETE is trying to get Full Signatory status of Washington Accord by 2021.

In order to achieve the goal set up by the present government to elevate Bangladesh’s status to a developed nation by 2041, it needs competent engineers of adequate numbers with knowledge, skill, and attitude to build, operate and maintain our infrastructure. To this end, BAETE is organizing the “International Symposium on Quality Assurance in Engineering Education through Accreditation-II” on 26-27 August 2020, InterContinental Hotel, Dhaka. The symposium will be hosted as a thematic session within the bridge engineering conference so that future engineers can become better oriented by academia for the industry to provide the region’s people with better outcomes.

Organization and Objectives

One of the objectives of the symposium is to introduce our engineering education system to the other signatory countries of Washington Accord and to learn from other countries for further quality enhancement. We expect well-known engineering educators from signatory countries of Washington Accord of International Engineering Alliance, who have been involved with quality enhancement through accreditation, to join this important event.

How to Attend

Participation in this symposium is by invitation only. If you are falling in the area of the theme of the symposium, please contact us expressing your interest to join the event.