Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

The program must have a continuous quality improvement mechanism. Requirements and desirable attributes under this criterion are described in terms of the following sub-criteria.

  1. The program must demonstrate an established system for periodically compiling the level of attainment of PEOs, including a mechanism for tracking and obtaining feedback from graduates and their employers.
  2. The findings of the CQI exercises for PEOs must be evaluated, and the identified shortcomings and limitations must be used to refine and improve the program
  3. POs must be assessed on a regular cycle. The program must prepare CQI file for each of the 12 POs to review considering feedback from relevant stakeholders including graduates
  4. Each course must have clear quality requirements and facilitate the achievement of COs through teaching-learning and assessment methods.
  5. The concerned course instructor must prepare course review reports including CQI files for the courses he/she is teaching
  6. The program must evaluate the curriculum and teaching quality on a regular basis while considering feedback from faculty members and students. The program must demonstrate that the results of this periodic evaluation are used for continuous improvement