Financial and Physical Resources

The financial resources of the institution should be adequate to fulfill its mission and vision. Financial resources committed to the program should also be sufficient for the appropriate functioning of the program, including recruiting and retaining qualified faculty members, and procuring necessary laboratory equipment, other equipment and tools to support teaching and learning.

The institution should have a process for budget planning and should allocate resources to the priority areas as required. The campus infrastructure, such as the extent of the land and built-up area, extra- and co-curricular facilities, and support facilities, including maintenance support for infrastructure and facilities, should be adequate for the total number of students and employees at the institution.

The possibility of any risk from manmade or natural hazards should be properly assessed and addressed in the Safety Plan. All laboratories shall have their own plans to prevent and manage incidents and accidents. Fire detection and fire-fighting facilities should be adequate. An action plan is required to address safety issues as the situation demands. Adequate measures should be in place to make the campus safe for students, employees and visitors.