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Requirements and desirable attributes under this criterion are described in terms of the following sub-criteria.

  1. There must be a published policy for the admission and transfer of students into the program. The admission or transfer requirements should be appropriate for the selection of students with the potential to achieve the program’s outcomes.
  2. The policy must be implemented in practice. Transfer students must also show the attainment of program outcomes from courses in the institution.
  3. Students’ academic performance must be continuously monitored in terms of the achievement of outcomes, and feedback should be provided to the students. There should be provisions for remedial or corrective measures when necessary.
  4. Every student must be assigned an advisor. The advisor should counsel, guide and mentor the student on all academic and professional matters.
  5. Students must have opportunities to participate in extra- and co-curricular activities and the activities of relevant professional societies. The institution should ensure the participation of a significant number of students.